#16 Benefits-Gyrification

human brain figurine

If there is one positive to this pandemic, are the opportunities to slow down. I have found that there are more times throughout the day to practice mindfulness and meditation.

One of the benefits to these practices is something called “Gyrification”.

Everyone has seen a picture of a brain before. If you haven’t, look up!

See those folds and wrinkles? Gyrification is when the brain creates more folds.

What do these folds do for us? Well, for one, it creates more surface area for the brain. Think of it as increasing the processing power of your computer. Try this. Take a napkin and fold it like you were making a fan. You have the same amount of napkin occupying less space. Mindfulness and meditation has been shown to increase the number of folds in our brain.

This is also a great way to destress.

Try this today. Take a 30 second break from everything and just breathe slowly. Unplug, put the phone away, go outside. Anyone can detach for 30 seconds. If you can’t, do 15. Then try to increase by 5-10 seconds everyday.

Hope you are well and safe!

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