#11 Mindset Continued

“No one is coming to save you”. -David Goggins from “Can’t Hurt Me”.

Currently, I am listening to the audiobook “Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins. If you don’t know who David Goggins is, do yourself a favor and get this audiobook. What makes the audiobook great, is that it has mini-podcasts with the ghost writer and David in between chapters. It gives you more context to the book. David is an African-American man who endured many horrors growing up but used those experiences to change his life. This post isn’t a review of the book, I don’t want to ruin it for you. One quote that he says throughout the book that resonates with me is “No one is coming to save you”.

It seems in today’s society, many people are waiting for their savior. Waiting for someone to do the work for them. No one wants to get their hands dirty. Every year, I see it more and more in education. Everyone gets a trophy and people won’t try to succeed. If they never start, they can’t fail.

The focus of the book is getting your mind right to make the changes that you want so you can become the person that you want to be. No one is coming to save you. If you want to change, YOU have to decide to do it. Be the hero of your own story. The book is more inspirational than it is motivational. As David says “Motivation is crap”. It will wane on you.

Once you stop blaming everyone and everyone else for why you are not where you want to be. Great things will happen.

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