New Years Day is upon us. Here comes the “New Year, New Me!” posts on social media. People will pledge to eat better, exercise, save more money etc etc. They will make a hundred different goals. And to quote one of my favorite teachers Yoda. “That is why you fail”.

Don’t get me wrong, setting new goals is a great thing to do. When we look at the usual new year’s resolutions, we are talking about behavior change. In the book Power of Less, it is stated that if you have 1 clear objective, you have an 85% chance of success. When you have 2 goals, that percentage drops to 35%. If you have 3 goals, it drops to 10%.

If you read my last post about the stress bucket, this would be trying to add more than one valve on your bucket. So, as you prepare to make changes this year. Try to make it as specific as possible and only focus on one. Look for small victories and build from there. If you need any help, leave a comment or shoot me a message.

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