#6 The Five Areas of Stress

Over the last few weeks, I have discussed how stress impacts us. From what it is, the different types of stress, to how it affects us at the level of the brain, and physical responses. Where does all the stress come from?

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Here is a short activity. Before you read on any farther, get out a pen or paper or make a document on your device. Take about 5 minutes and write down everything that you can think of that stresses you out. Seriously, do this. I have time and I will wait 🙂

All finished? Good. If you didn’t, here is a list that a group of colleagues (teachers) put together after I did this exercise with during a presentation I gave on stress:

Photo by Lily Banse on Unsplash

Job, job security, family, bills, mortgage, children’s schedule, making meals, shopping, social media, school violence, yard upkeep, negative thinking, sick children, making lesson plans, grading, worrying about students, not enough time to workout, gaining weight, pets, student loans (for themselves and children), preparing students for state testing, test scores, curriculum, emails, spouse lost job, sick parents, and past trauma.

Your list probably has some similarities to the above list. It is my belief that all things that cause us stress and our ability to manage stress, can fit into one (or multiple ) of 5 areas. These five areas are: Our Mindset, Nutrition, our ability to Recover, Movement or exercise, and our Environment.

Mindset– This area deals with how we view the world and the way we talk to ourselves.

Nutrition– Do we eat for performance? Both physically and mentally.

Recovery– Do we take the necessary time to allow our bodies to heal and repair?

Movement– Do we give ourselves time to move the way we were designed to move?

Environment– Is our physical environment supportive of our ability to manage stress?

Over the next few posts, I will dive a little deeper into each of these areas. As always, thank you for reading. Please sign up for emails and share with someone you know who might benefit from these posts. Have a great day!

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